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This blog began as a dumping ground for my geeky notes and such but now I use it for my thoughts on movies, books, apps, technology, etc too.

I do a bit of PowerShell scripting and I love programming and programming languages. I am not very creative though, which is why I haven’t made programming a career choice. It’s sort of like how one might like English, French, and other languages, and enjoy reading works in these languages, but that needn’t mean one is creative enough to write stories or poems in these languages. I think PowerShell is a great language and I am amazed by it constantly. Wish I could just feed it all into my brain like how they did in The Matrix movies!

By profession I am a System Administrator/ IT Pro. By hobby I am a geek. I love technology and gadgets. I enjoy the command line and like typing long arcane commands and dabbling with Linux and the BSDs. I don’t do much of the latter nowadays – I’ve become lazy, but I owe a lot of my fundamentals to Linux and the BSDs. I spent most of my college nights playing around with these and I wish I were as enthusiastic and energetic now as I was then so I could spend even more time on these.

Posting style

The posts here are more like notes to myself shared to the world. I try to present them as a tutorial, but truth be told it’s a halfhearted attempt. Not because I don’t enjoy writing tutorials – just that time is of short supply for me so I can’t spend too much of it writing and rewriting. Moreover I am just a “kid” when it comes to most of the stuff that I talk about. I have been lucky enough to work on them and gain some sort of an understanding, and although I may kid myself into thinking I am an expert on these topics I know I am just a beginner still trying to make sense. So please take whatever you read here with a pinch of salt.

Posting frequency

I try and post regularly here but I have noticed I tend to do it in bursts. You may find many months when I make no posts at all, followed by a few weeks or months where I post regularly. If you happen to visit this blog during one of its lull phases please enjoy the older posts and check back later. I will be back!

Update 2019: As you can see things have been pretty bleak. New job role since 2015 and 2019, I’ve got a lot less time to blog. :-/

Feedback & Contacting me

I am interested in any feedback, questions, or comments about my blog and posts. Comments are disabled on this blog because I’d rather any comments come to me by email as I am more comfortable reading and replying from there. Write to me -at- in case of anything.


The posts in this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. © Rakhesh Sasidharan