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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
© Rakhesh Sasidharan



This blog runs on WordPress of course and uses the Atahualpa theme framework. If you want a theme that’s professional looking, easy to customize, and free, look no further than Atahualpa. The blog is hosted at A Small Orange, a great hosting provider with excellent customer service.

My Atahualpa settings can be found in this export file. Import it into your installation, customize, modify, and you should have a similar layout to this blog. (This file is as of 13 March 2015).

By way of plugins this blog uses Crayon Syntax Highlighter for all the code highlights. Crayon is an ahhh-maa-zing plugin. I just love it to bits for its ease of use and sheer number of options. And it makes my code snippets look beauu-tiii-ful! I modified the GitHub theme to make it more plain and use that as my Crayon theme.

For better performance this blog uses:

  • WP Super Cache, which converts all the dynamic PHP pages into static pages so there’s less load on the web server and the pages are displayed faster.
  • Use Google Libraries which loads many of the JavaScript libraries used by WordPress from Google’s servers rather than this server. Again, improves performance as chances are a Google server is closer to you than this blog’s server.
  • Autoptimize to speed up my blog by minimizing and aggregating JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (Disabled this once I switched to SSL and noticed that it was causing issues with my CSS). 

For security this blog uses:

  • Authenticator to enable Google Authenticator support for the admin page. (I find that very cool!)
  • Limit Login Attempts to limit the number of incorrect login attempts from a particular IP.
  • Am sure there are many more excellent security plugins. I just haven’t got around to checking them out. Will keep this list updated as I add more plugins.

Lastly, I also use(d):