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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
© Rakhesh Sasidharan

Using comma to preserve arrays

I had mentioned earlier that when you pipe an array to the get-member cmdlet the array is unraveled.

While reading Bruce Payette’s excellent “Powershell in Action” book yesterday (and also coincidentally from an unrelated serverfault topic I was reading) I discovered that it’s possible to modify this behavior by prepending a , to the array. Like thus:

Notice it gives the type of the array as well as the various sub-types within it (strings and integers). Useful!

Using Remove-NetRoute to mass remove routes

Was checking my Windows 8 machine routing table (route print) when I noticed many entries like this:

Not sure what they are. I didn’t create them, and the address is not on my network.

To be on the safe side I wanted to remove them. One could do it via route delete but that’s so old fashioned and slow (I would have to do it for each entry). What I want is a quick and easy way of mass removing routes. Enter the routing table related cmdlets in PowerShell 3.0.

The following one-liner will remove all routes whose NextHop address is

Easy peasy!

For PowerShell 2.0 am sure there would be a WMI way of achieving the same. Will post that later.