Az Module troubles

I am usually more planned than this, but today I was distracted while on a call and doing some housekeeping on my Hybrid Runbook Workers side by side. I decided to update the Az modules, coz why not.

That broke all my Runbooks with the following error:


I tried removing the Az module and installed the previous one in the gallery:

But that didn’t help. I wish I had noted the previous version of the module! Heck, that’s something I should be mindful of going forward. Unlike the Graph, PnP.PowerShell, or ExchangeOnlineManagement modules whose versions I am mindful of, with the Az modules I just update periodically. Never bit me in the a$$ so far.

Luckily I had a second machine I was using as HRW and I know that works fine.

So I did the following on that machine:

This outputs the modules and their versions. I am capturing the info for all the Az.* modules as they all depend on each other. Initially I tried just uninstalling the main Az module and installing the specific version of that but it didn’t help. (Could be I was doing something wrong and this roundabout way is not needed).

Then on the broken machine I did:

Took a while but finally it was done. Now the Runbooks are happy.