Azure Functions and modules

I had the following in my requirements.psd1 of a Function App.

Standard stuff except for the downloading of Microsoft.Graph.Authentication.

That didn’t work for some reason. It tried to download and then gave up after a few minutes?

According to the docs the modules should be at the following path:

I couldn’t find anything there however.

Weirdly though when I ran the Function again it worked without downloading any modules. That didn’t make sense so I added a Get-Module in the Function code to see the modules and sure enough it was there:

It’s a different path though with timestamps. Googling on that bought me to a blog post where someone else noticed the same. That blog post also has instructions on adding custom modules; similar to the one from Microsoft. If I run into the module issues again maybe I’ll just upload it manually and be done.

Update: Found another blog post with some useful modules info.