M365 licensing DisplayName to SKU Name mapping

The Get-MgSubscribedSku Graph cmdlet can give a list of all the licensing SKUs subscribed in your tenant. Here’s an example output:

The problem is it doesn’t have the friendly display name. So in my scripts, for instance, if want to get the SKU Id of “VISIO ONLINE PLAN 2” I have to lookup this Microsoft doc to find that the SKU PartNumber for that is “VISIOCLIENT” and then either use the Id from that document itself or search for “VISIOCLIENT” in Get-MgSubscribedSku and get the Id from there. That’s not  ideal.

The document refers to a CSV file (https://download.microsoft.com/download/e/3/e/e3e9faf2-f28b-490a-9ada-c6089a1fc5b0/Product%20names%20and%20service%20plan%20identifiers%20for%20licensing.csv) that is updated regularly and has the friendly display name to SKU PartNumber and Id mappings in it. I figured its easy to just pull this document and get the mappings directly:

Now if I want to search for “Office 365 E3” I can do the following:

It’s a stupid little thing but at least I don’t have to hard code info in my script any more! :)

Hopefully the link is static and doesn’t change and break stuff lol.