Runbook type ’17’ not supported. (or: Runbooks stuck in a Queued state)

Was stuck with an irritating problem today. Installed PowerShell 7.4 on one of my Hybrid Runbook Workers (HRW) but the Runbooks refuse to run using it! Looking at the logs I see entries like this:

Tried rebooting, updating the OS, downgrading it to PowerShell 7.2 just in case… nothing helped. Double checked the steps in the docs (there isn’t much) and all looked fine. But the Runbooks just wouldn’t run. They’d stay “Queued” with lot of logs like above being generated, and eventually move to a “Suspended” state.

I had two automation accounts, one of them linked to two HRWs; another to one HRW. Both had the same issue.

Luckily I also had another automation account + HRW where things worked, so I compared the two and noticed that under the VM in Azure > “Extensions + applications” there’s a difference:

Version was 1.1.12.

While on the problem HRW it was:

Older version. Same on all three non-working HRWs! There were some of my older HRWs so I must have been on a preview version or something which never updated.

So I enabled automatic upgrade. Then waited… but that didn’t update anything. Googled, and came across this doc. Looks like the updates only happen for minor versions, while I need to jump from 0.x to 1.x.

Btw, good instructions on how to enable/ disable automatic upgrades when needed.

I learnt how to do a manual upgrade:

That worked!

And that did the trick! Now the Runbooks are no longer “Queued”. :)