Reading & Listening Updates

  • Started reading (on my Kindle) “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell” by Susanna Clarke. Wow, never imagined I’d read a book like this and love it. I am hooked to the olden English used by the author and the way she writes – the long descriptions, details, foot notes, etc. Reads like a children’s novel from a long ago age. I am about 25% done. Looking forward to finishing it.
  • Going to start listening to in Audible “The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn: One More Last Rite for the Detective Genre” by the Strugstsky brothers. I listened to the introduction. Sounds like an interesting book fingers crossed.
  • Listened to this episode of the Vector podcast. It’s an interview by Rene Ritchie of Ashraf Eassa who is an expert in CPUs, and is a good listen.
  • Speaking of podcasts, I came across (and loved the first episode of) a new podcast from Microsoft. It’s called Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott. Going to listen to the second episode next.