Reykjavik Murder Mysteries

After a few Audible listens that I had to leave midway because they held no interest, I finally came across the Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson series of audiobooks by Arnaldur Indridason. Good find! And so glad I decided to check it out.

So far I listened to “Jar City” and “Silence of the Grave” (which I just finished today). Two great listens, each one better than the other! They aren’t as depressing as the Wallander mysteries. They are slow and serious, with a lot of self-rumination and all that, but it’s great! Just the sort of books I love. And great narration by George Guidall as usual.

This is the second set of Icelandic detective series that I am reading/ listening to. Previously I had read the books by Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson and loved these too – “Daybreak”, “House of Evidence”, and “Sun on Fire”.

Side by side I am also currently reading “Stories of your life and others” by Ted Chiang. One of the short stories in this book is what got made into the movie “Arrival”. I loved that so decided to check out the book. Tried the audiobook first but that didn’t hook me much. So switched to Kindle and that’s been good so far.