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© Rakhesh Sasidharan


Reykjavik Murder Mysteries

After a few Audible listens that I had to leave midway because they held no interest, I finally came across the Inspector Erlendur Sveinsson series of audiobooks by Arnaldur Indridason. Good find! And so glad I decided to check it out.

So far I listened to “Jar City” and “Silence of the Grave” (which I just finished today). Two great listens, each one better than the other! They aren’t as depressing as the Wallander mysteries. They are slow and serious, with a lot of self-rumination and all that, but it’s great! Just the sort of books I love. And great narration by George Guidall as usual.

This is the second set of Icelandic detective series that I am reading/ listening to. Previously I had read the books by Viktor Arnar Ingolfsson and loved these too – “Daybreak”, “House of Evidence”, and “Sun on Fire”.

Side by side I am also currently reading “Stories of your life and others” by Ted Chiang. One of the short stories in this book is what got made into the movie “Arrival”. I loved that so decided to check out the book. Tried the audiobook first but that didn’t hook me much. So switched to Kindle and that’s been good so far.

Reykjavik Murder Mysteries by rakhesh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.