The Maharajah’s Box

About 10 days ago I had started reading “The Maharajah’s Box” by Christy Campbell. Yesterday I gave up on it.

About half the book was great, as long as it was about Duleep Singh. Then it went off into European politics and happenings, and I had no clue of any of these events so it was a chore to read though. Nevertheless, I persisted, and I had about 100 pages more to go (total number of pages is 470 or so) as of yesterday evening but decided to leave it. I had given myself yesterday to pull through the book, and that’s all I did most of yesterday.

I went and saw some YouTube videos too on German unification and Europe etc. and that too was too much. :) A lot of wars and happenings, for sure. Maybe I’ll pick this book up after I catch up on all this history some day; or maybe I won’t. I got tired and overwhelmed with all this. “Sophia” was a good book, written like a personal story, but this one’s a different beast and wasn’t to my current taste. Where “Sophia” was about the people and what happened to them, this one was just about details and didn’t feel like it had a soul. Heck, if it hadn’t been for “Sophia” maybe I wouldn’t even have hung on to much of the Duleep Singh story perhaps. That’s not to say it’s a bad book, it just wasn’t for me, and like with everything else nowadays there’s only so much time one has and so many things to read and consume – there is a necessity to be brutal and stop sometimes.

Now, if they were to make a TV show out of this, that’d be an interesting watch.

I need a change from historical non-fiction to some other genre after this book.