Quick shout-out to Fork, a Git client I rediscovered recently and am quite in love with. It seems to be created by a husband-wife team, so don’t expect it to have any bells and whistles… but that’s the beauty of it and one of the reasons why I love it.

I prefer using the Git command line or Visual Studio Code (VSCode) but occassionally you want to somethning you don’t regularly do and so have to do a quick Google to figure the command… Fork is useful in such situations as it is UI based and easier to figure out. I tend to use it as a companion to Git command line or VSCode but I’ve noticed I started using it more often nowadays as I enjoy working with it.

Fork is not the only Git client of course. Tower and GitKraken seem to be other popular choices (I was looking for something on macOS; there might be others for Windows/ Linux) and while I tried all three in the past Fork is what I kept coming back to. GitKraken is too dark and complicated and while Tower is nice I just didn’t fall into effortlessly using it like Fork. Moreover Panic has a yearly subscription model (so does GitKraken I think) while Fork has a one-time fee (and even before I paid for it I got no prompts etc. to pay – seriously, there doesn’t seem to be any limitation with the free version of Fork and I couldn’t find any page explaining the free version might be time limited etc. There are no warnings when launching it either that I am running unlicensed).

I did of course pay for Fork. I enjoy using it and even if the developers don’t seem to want money I’d like to thank them for creating it. :)

Anyways, if anyone’s looking for a simple Git client on check out Fork. I use it on macOS but there’s a Windows version too.