Poor man’s iPhone macOS continuity mount

The Belkin continuity mount for iPhones so we can use it as a camera with macOS is not out yet (though some YouTubers have got their hands on it in Aug 2022). I have to attend a meeting today for which it would be good to have the camera on; unfortunately I can’t find my webcam (don’t use it much) so I figured this would be a good chance to try out continuity.

I don’t have a way to mount it atop the monitor, however, and without that I have to keep looking down at the phone.

Thankfully a while ago I had purchased this Lamicall Adjustable stand for this same reason. But I never used it as a camera mount because you still had to place it on the desk and that’s not very ideal in terms of height (I have to keep looking down at the phone). Today I had a brainwave – why not mount it on the monitor, thus:

The result is pretty good actually and the camera placement is just what I want.

And it only cost me £10 as opposed to whatever the Belkin one would cost. Moreover it works with my older iPhone 11 Pro too which does not have MagSafe.

#AmAwesome 🥳