The M1 MacBook Air speakers are amazing!

Every time I work on the MacBook Air and I have some music on I just get blown away by the sound quality. Sure it supports Dolby Atmos, but it impresses me even with non Dolby Atmos tracks. The sound stage is wide and the music seems to come from all sides… it’s really amazing and hard to describe until you actually hear it! Typically when I am working I have a pair of HomePod Minis that I listen to music on (via Apple Music, same as the MacBook Air) but while it’s great I don’t think I’ve ever been blown away enough to write a blog post about it.

And this is something to do with the M1 series. I used to listen to music on my older MacBook Pro too but that never got my attention. But I guess the new M1 MacBook Pro is as good if not better than the M1 MacBook Air in the sound department.

Whatever you are doing with those speakers, Apple, keep it up!