On blogging…

I don’t have much to add but I wanted to give a shout-out to these three blog posts from Kevin Quirk:

I don’t know him but I discovered his blog sometime in the past and have it in my feed reader. His posts make good reads, and there’s lots of useful info on WordPress there if you are interested (I am, but I am also too lazy to implement even half of what he’s done 🙃).

The Linux one is about how he’s given up on Linux. Same here, I use it for my Raspberry Pi or any VMs, but all I care about nowadays is macOS as that has the beautiful UI plus enough *nixy stuff (Bash, which I believe is outdated and a lot of people hate macOS for it; a nice package manager HomeBrew; etc.). I keep trying Linux every year (recently it was Pop_OS!, elementaryOS, Ubuntu, Manjaro, etc.) but I never stick with them. I dunno, it just doesn’t feel seamless. It’s like he mentions in the blog post… Linux is work, and about taking a stand on things. Like I installed Ubuntu and it’s got Snap packages, while Pop_OS! and elementaryOS have Flatpaks, and people take sides on each and it’s about Ubuntu trying to drive things one way and others trying to drive things the other way etc… and I just don’t care. I want to use Linux so I can get things done, not fiddle with the OS; and Linux as a server let’s me do that while Linux as a desktop does not. It was good reading someone else write about it around the same time I too wiped Linux off one of my spare laptops and installed Windows 11 on it.

(Not that I am a fan of Windows either. I think Windows 10 looks horrible, I hate it. WSL 2 is great, Windows Terminal is great, but I’d still take macOS and iTerm2 over them any day. Windows 11 is better looking, a bit janky currently with virtual desktops and things… but hopefully it improves).

The other two posts are about how he doesn’t have comments on his blog and prefers emails as that’s more of a conversation (same here, I prefer emails, but I’ll admit I am slow to respond or keep up any conversation as that’s just how I am); and also about how he used to chase analytics and then realized it is taking the fun out of blogging for him. Same here, I actually tried Plausible when I came across it on his blog, but left it after a month… I don’t really care how many people visit this blog. I am writing it for my own amusement, as far as I am concerned the only person reading this blog is me (that’s the audience I have in mind at least when writing these blog posts… future me, Variant Rakhesh(?)). I don’t do ads or promote the blog nor worry about how many people are visiting the blog. Occassionally I have readers email in to say they found a particular blog post useful, and that makes me happy, I am glad all this drivel has been of help to others; but at no point am I kidding myself into thinking what I write here is any professional level stuff that’s actually of use to others. :) I know more than half the time I am just writing on as I go along with no double-checking of my grammar or typos or spelling mistakes (which thankfully the browser points out as I type so one less thing to worry)… so this blog is essentially just a brain dump.

Anyways, that’s all. Three blog posts I like in a row, wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t at least point to them. 👉🏼