Try Microsoft Remote Desktop if you want to drain the M1 battery 😀

I keep reading reviews & watching videos where people can’t drain the new M1 MacBook Air/ Pro battery and can go for days on a single charge. 

I noticed my battery was draining; maybe not faster than on a pre-M1 MacBook but definitely noticeable enough for me to see the bar reduce over an hour. Which was surprising coz all I had open was Firefox, Safari, iTerm2, and Microsoft RDP. I never expected RDP to cause a drain but sure enough it seems to be a hog (am RDPing to single Windows laptop over Wi-Fi in case that matters). Here’s some screenshots from Activity Monitor:

I don’t do much RDP while on battery so I don’t know if it’s any worse or better on the M1. And no, I wasn’t watching a movie or something over RDP. I was RDPing onto my laptop and using Hyper-V Manager. I do find it funny that silly old RDP is having such an impact. :)