8 years! 😱

I started this blog 8 years ago today. This isn’t my first blog; I’ve had many more before this, in the same domain and/ or sub-domains or others domains, but the difference being this time I promised myself I won’t delete the blog when I stop blogging intermittently. You see, I realised that I tend to blog in spurts (not just blogging I guess, it applies to a lot of things in my life) – I’d do something a lot for many months, then quickly cool off and move to other things, and then later come back to it again. (A recent example being audiobooks & podcasts; sometimes I’d go through 3-4 audiobooks in succession, other times I’d not listen to them for months and just stick with music and podcasts). 

With blogging when I’d cool off then I’ll go and delete the blog. Because usually this was hosted on a VPS I am managing and I didn’t want to keep doing that when I had lost interest; or I am paying monthly for some relatively pricey hosting provider and I don’t want to keep paying when I am not blogging. But back in 2012 when I started this I decided I am going to keep at this no matter what, and even if I don’t blog for months (as has been the case) I’ll not delete the blog or give in to my tendency of “let’s delete everything and start afresh”. Thanks to that I can now at least write a post like this congratulating myself for 8 years! :) 

Thanks to all my readers who send emails with questions or comments, or retweet a blog post, or point to from your own blogs – every time this happens I am surprised I actually have readers and that all this writing is not just only for me. Am glad you all found this useful.