Bug in Apple ad

Came across this Verge article today about a bug in iOS now appearing in an ad. Funny!

I’ve been hating iOS since version 11. It’s not as butter smooth as before. There’s jerky animations, regular crashes, an overall feeling of something not right. In fact, I switched to the iOS Beta channel on my main device last month hoping that at least any newer fixes will get pushed there first (along with any newer bugs too, but I am stuck with those anyways :p). Gone are the days when iOS was stable and “just worked”.

I don’t mind the mismatched fonts and stuff. Yes they reflect an attention to lack of detail and are symptomatic of the larger problem but I can live with those. It’s just the jarry animations and general slowness that get to me.

On top of that Audible on iPhone – which probably my #1 used app – is rubbish. It constantly freezes and crashes. Irritating!