The OData query specified in the URI is not valid

We use Apteriks at work and I am trying to run some queries against their API. They have OData support, which means I can filter the results, select specific columns, etc. Similar stuff to Graph and other APIs.

I wanted to get tags matching a certain name. Ideally I should be running something like this:

But that kept throwing this error:

I tried the usual like changing the space to a ‘+’ but nothing helped. Then I remembered reading something about single quotes on the Graph API page and that set me on the right track. My query Name eq myTag should ideally be written as Name eq 'myTag' but that’s a problem as I already have single quotes around the Url and so I was skipping the quotes around the tag to search. (I had tried changing the single quotes around the Url to be double quotes and use single quotes just for the search tag, but that didn’t work either).

What I should have done is escape the single tags around the search tag. Thus I should have done:

See the double tags aroung the tag? ''myTag''

Now the query works.