A Tale of Two Islands

It’s 4am and I just finished watching the last 4 episodes of Giri/ Haji. I had been watching it an episode a night for the past week, but with today being the weekend I figured it was time to binge watch the heck out of it! A beautiful TV show, a must watch for anyone interested in a multi cultural character drama.

The last episode had a surprise dance sequence that’s a must watch. There’s no point watching it if you don’t know the story and characters, but I found it on YouTube and thought I’d link to anyways. It’s a sequence that captures what all the characters have been going through and want to etc. in a beautifully choreographed dance scene.

Also came across this interview with the show writer Joe Barton. I had wondered why the show started off as a procedural drama but slowly turned into a character drama over the episodes. Joe explains this is coz his idea for the show changed since the first episode.

When you watch it you will know the show creators have taken their time with the show and love what they are doing it. Every episode has a recap that is different to your typical fare. The recap is through an animation sequence which most people might skip as Netflix gives the “Skip” option, and yet they spent time and money on it. One of the episodes (the 5th I think) has a beach sequence after one of the characters die of old age wherein the sons and grand daughter and two mor characters take a trip down to the beach and just spend time there. In a way that episode was a waste of time, but in another way all that made the show even better and gave it more character.

Thanks to everyone who created this show!