Game of Thrones

I did it! Over the course of the last two weeks me and wife binge watched the entire Game of Thrones – all 8 seasons! I had seen season 1 and part of season 2 when it was released but decided then to skip watching any more coz it seemed like a good story and I wanted to binge watch it at once to have a good feel for it, and also coz many TV shows start off good and then become bad or get cancelled… leaving all your emotions and feelings for it without a closure.

Anyways, Game if Thrones was a fun watch up to the last 2-3 episodes of Season 8 (the final season). I loved the battle seasons (especially the Battle of the Bastards) and slow pacing but was put off when they decided to suddenly portray Daenerys as a crazy person who torched a whole city. That didn’t gel with her character and it felt a bit forced. Added to that Jon is suddenly a Targaryen and he mills her but doesn’t want the throne and is then exiled etc… pointless.

I guess the whole of Game of Thrones is about the children of the forest (and whatever else is out there) waging a secret war against the King of the Night and the humans while using the humans. They took over Bran basically and used him to drive a wedge between Jon and Daenerys thus ensuring neither won. Bran wasn’t really Bran by the end and he the became the king of all men. He could have helped Daenerys by ensuring Misandei not get caught (considering he can see everything) but he didn’t. He ensured she is caught and killed and war and craziness ensues. He manipulated things such that he becomes king, and even admitted to it when he was offered the role (but it was glossed over). Even at the end he only seemed interested in the dragon in the last small council meeting, not humans.

A great show. It will be missed. Sucky finale aside. Great writing, direction, music, story… excellent stuff.