Jogi Re

Woke up at 4am unusually with a craving to listen to this song (“Dum-A-Dum” from the Bollywood movie “Dhanak”; YouTube link; a nice fusion version of the popular Sufi song “Dum-a-dum Mast Kalandhar”) and listened to it on loop for a while. Siri had recommended this song to me some days back when I asked it to play something I like. Then I checked Apple Music for the composer – Tapas Relia, someone I wasn’t aware of – and what else he has created and came across the song “Jogi Re” (YouTube link). Now I am stuck on that song. Love it!

“Jogi Re” is a collaboration with the singer Vijay Prakash and features both their daughters too. It too is a fusion number – I’d say an African Indian fusion with a very jazzy feel to it. The lyrics are in Hindi, Swahili (I think), and a bit of English towards the end. Vijay Prakash is a trained Carnatic classical singer who I have come across in many Indian songs – you know he has classical roots from the way he sings. Tapas Relia handles the Swahili bits (and overall music I guess), and the daughters sing English. There’s a a violin in there too somewhere and like I said it has a very jazzy and upbeat feel with some African instruments in the background. Glad I discovered this song today! Thanks to Vijay Prakash and Tapas Relia for creating it. 😍