Ludo (Bollywood movie on Netflix) – decent movie, great music!

The title sums it up basically. I love the music by Pritam, been listening to it since day-before when I saw the movie. 

The movie itself is worth a watch. One of those movies with loads of actors and multiple storylines and they all intertwine & interact at some point and you are supposed to feel all awed by life and its intricacies… I guess it depends on your mood whether you actually feel that or not. I am less inclined to feel that way nowadays so I wasn’t awed, but I enjoyed the movie nevertheless. 

I am less impressed nowadays by movies that try to make things appear “cool”. Scenes of violence, gangsters etc. which are not really cool in life but in movies are dressed up to appear cool with some great background music and cinematography used to impress me earlier but do so less and less now. Not sure why. Moreover there’s just too much violence and gratuitous gore & sex in movies and TV shows nowadays – it’s as though the creators want to shock our senses with these to awaken it and be hooked, and I am just not into that. More and more I prefer older movies (recently I started watching some of the older Hercule Poirot movies) and I enjoy those simpler times. If two people are in love you don’t really need to show me an explicit sex scene or nudity, feel free to leave some to my imagination. :) Similarly if you are killing or torturing someone I don’t need to see the details. I feel it’s less about acting tortured nowadays for instance, and more about just making things bloody and assault our senses. 

Anyways, check out Ludo. And if you don’t, check out its music at least. :)