The White Lotus – loved it!

Must be my lucky week… two TV shows in a row that I enjoyed!

“The White Lotus” is a funny show that I watched recently and enjoyed very much. It’s short – only 6 episodes, and it wraps up the story with no cliff-hangers for Season 2, so that’s good – and it’s funny but has an undercurrent of seriousness and talks about a lot of current issues (cancel culture, racism etc). In that vein it reminded me of Season 2 of “Mythic Quest”.

The show also reminded me about the early days of my career when I started out in the Middle East and had to deal with a lot of rich, entitled white folk who had a similar “we are better than you” attitude about everything and everyone of a different skin color. In that sense I resonated a lot with Armond and the other staff of the White Lotus. It’s not just a “we are better than you” attitude… there’s a lot of things, and the show beautifully captures it all, especially the hopelessness of it all. It’s one of those things you can’t just explain out in a couple of sentences but got to actually show someone, and I am glad “The White Lotus” is now something I can point others to and they also get a good laugh in the process.

The show is something that stays with you after you watch it. It’s funny, true, frustrating… filled with dysfunctional people… just how things are I suppose.

I’d also like to especially mention the music by Cristobal Tapia de Veer. Not just the background score, but also the musical pieces – a lot of which seem to be by The Rose Ensemble. I didn’t know the music of Hawaii has a lot of choir music like chanting and I loved that! Pretty much every episode involved me firing up Shazam to identify the track and add it to my Apple Music library.