Unable to access some performance counters remotely

Maybe it helps someone else. I had an issue today where the disk related performance counters were working locally but not remotely. Well, to start with they weren’t working locally either but I realized they had been disabled via a registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\PerfDisk\Performance (value Disable Performance Counters was set to 1 – I deleted it to enable).

For remote access you need the Remote Registry and RPC services running. They were, in my case, and I couldn’t find any other issues either. So I gave the Remote Registry service a restart and now I am able to access the rest of the counters remotely.

Found some Google hits that said restarting the Remote Registry temporarily got all the counters working remotely, but they stopped after a while. Am hoping that’s not my issue (as only some of my counters were not working).