Coming soon … fingers crossed!

October was a good month. I had the good fortune to attend a Microsoft workshop on Active Directory troubleshooting last month. And before that, I was at our Amman office for an upgrade from Windows XP (yeah we still had that!) to Windows 7 and I got to build a standard Windows 7 image with all our software and updates and create a bootable USB key that lets users install the OS and apps to a fresh machine. I want to write some posts on both of these – especially the Active Directory workshop, which was ah-maa-zing! – but also on the Windows 7 USB stuff (which is nothing novel but I’d like to write a post nevertheless).

I don’t know if I’ll manage to. I have ambitious plans on the Active Directory posts. It was a 4 day course and we covered many interesting topics such as replication, Kerberos, DNS, as well as a lot of troubleshooting. Many of these were familiar concepts to me but this was the first time I was presented with all of them together and that too someone was teaching the concepts rather than me Googling and/ or reading. I have already forgotten most of what I learnt, I think, but before I forget the rest I want to write multiple posts about the topics of each day, supplemented with more reading and notes from the Internet sort of as a revision to myself. Like I said – ambitious! – and the more ambitious I aim the less likely I am to achieve it (going by my track record). For starters, ever since the training finished I have been down with a stomach bug and so been too wasted to sit at the computer and write a blog post, let alone collect all my thoughts together. This post itself is sort of a last ditch attempt at getting the ball rolling by putting something out there, just so I have a commitment out in the open to get this done.

Fingers crossed, there’ll be more technical posts appearing soon! :)