Jetpack connection is broken

I was trying to add the Mastodon connection to this blog today and once I’d enter my credentials to connect Jetpack errored out with a Jetpack connection is broken error.

Step 5 of the troubleshooting steps was to check if /xmlrpc.php is accessible. It should give the following message if all goes well: XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only. In my case it didn’t. First I got an error that the site doesn’t support https; and once I clicked past that the connection was reset.

I don’t remember actively disabling it, but I use Cloudways and Googled along those lines. Sure enough, Cloudways helpfully disables it for security reasons. So I went there, enabled it, tried again and now I could connect the two.

But then I disabled it again, and now the Jetpack page has forgotten the Mastodon connection and still complains that it can’t access my site. I do see the Mastodon connection when typing this post though, so hopefully it posts there coz my blog is now aware of it.