[Aside] Elsewhere on the Web

  • GeekTyper – go to the site, click one of the themes shown, and just start typing away random stuff on your keyboard. You may type gibberish but the screen will appear as though you are typing something important – be it in a Word doc, or as if you were to hack into a website like in movies. Impressive stuff. (via)
  • Why aren’t we using SSH for everything? – good question! The author created an SSH based chat room. I haven’t tried it but I liked the post and the details it goes into. (via)
  • Al Weiwei is Living in Our Future – a good read on privacy and surveillance. Starts off with Chinese artist Al Weiwei who is under permanent surveillance (initially in prison but now house arrest) but soon moves on to how Governments and Corporations now use technology to keep us under ubiquitous surveillance. Creepy. Gotta read two books I came across from this post: