Switching to Route 53

Started using Amazon’s Route 53 (cool name!) today to serve DNS queries for this domain (rakhesh.com). Previously I was using DNS services from my excellent email provider FastMail but I thought I must try other options just to know what else is there. I was testing another domain of mine with Route 53 this past month, today I switched this main domain over. 

For my simple DNS requirements the two things that attracted me to Route 53 were the cost-effective pricing and the fact that it uses Anycast (see this CloudFlare post for an intro to Anycast).  It also has two other features that I am interested in exploring – Health Checks and the fact that it has an API. Need to explore these when I get some time. 

A cool thing about the AWS documentation is that it lets you download as a PDF or send to Kindle. Wish the TechNet/ MSDN documentation had a similar feature. Currently it’s a hit and miss when I send pages from TechNet/ MSDN to Kindle (via the Chrome extension). Sometimes bits and pieces are missed out, which I only realize later when reading the article. InstaPaper never manages to get any of the text, while Pocket is generally good at getting it (but I don’t use Pocket as it doesn’t have highlights, while both Kindle and InstaPaper have that).