Duplicating a SharePoint Online list

Something you can find via a quick Google in lot of other places too…

I have a SharePoint Online list I want to duplicate before I make some changes to it and mess things up. Turns out there’s no obvious way to do this (of course!)

First, get an admin to temporarily allow custom pages. The PnP PowerShell cmdlet for this is:

Then login to the List as an Owner of the list (this is important, the below option will not appear if you are only a Member). Then click on List Settings.

Under “Permissions and Management” you should now see “Save list as template”. This is the option you will not see unless you are an Owner.

Click that link. Then type in a file name and template name. Be sure to click the “Include Content” checkbox. You should get the following assuming all went well:

Go to the gallery. You can click the template shown there to download it if you want.

The Url to this template gallery for my own info is of the form: https://<mytenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/<mysite>/_catalogs/lt/Forms/AllItems.aspx.

Ok, now go to Site Contents.

Click New > App. Go to the classic experience:

Find your template (it’s probably on the last page) and click on it. This will ask you for a new name. And voila! you have a copy of your list.