Finding a Logic App name from its workflow Id

I had a Logic App Url from a colleague. This was a Logic App invoked via HTTP, so the Url I had looked something like this:

(No, this is not the real Url… I changed the key and workflow Id etc.)

From the Url I know what the workflow Id is – it’s the bit I highlighted. So how do I find the Logic App name from that? I tried putting that Id in the Logic Apps search field and got nothing, so that doesn’t help.

Then I remembered my new friend Azure Resource Graph. :) So I fired up the Resource Graph Explorer in Azure Portal.

From the Starter query examples page I know that you can run queries like these to get a count of all Key Vaults, for instance:

So the first thing I need is the type of Logic Apps. I could Google that I suppose, but I also want to learn the Kusto language for Resource Graph queries, so I came up with the following:

This gives me a list of all the types in my subscriptions. Example:

I scrolled through this list as you can see above and found microsoft.logic/workflows which sounds like what I want.

However, I was curious if I can use some sort of regex to narrow this further instead of having scrolled. Found this example in another page that shows the use of regex.

Ok, so one specifices the regex in the single quotes that follow the @ above. So we can do:


Ok, so now how do I search for the workflow Id?

First let’s find out what properties are returned. For that I’ll get one of these Logic App workflows:

If I look at the details of the result, I don’t see anything that contains a workflow Id as such. The closest seems to be the accessEndpoint property. This contains a Url of the form:<workflowId>. The prod10-canadacentral bit too varies am sure depending on the location. But the key thing is I can use this to search for the Id I have. Based on the Url I pasted at the top of this post, I have to search for

So we do:

And that gives us the name!