Unable to change dataflow owner

So you are a Power Platform admin and one of the Makers come to you asking if you can change the owner of their dataflow to someone else. Sure, instructions are easy – though why this step needs an admin involved is beyond me.

Environment administrators can now view all dataflows created in the environment by searching for them by owner, and they can reassign dataflow ownership to another person in the environment.

One needs to go to the Dataflows section, then All Dataflows, and search for the user.

But search as I may (in the correct environment too, mind you!) I can’t find any dataflows. Odd. Frustrated, and thinking the instructions are probably outdated, I was about to give up when I thought let’s try Microsoft Edge. I am a Firefox user, and I know how high Microsoft is on Edge nowadays and pushing it everywhere (it’s like the Internet Explorer days all over again!) so maybe this $hit will work in that. So fire up Edge, do the search, and sure enough it works! Go figure.

It’s like Kevin’s experience in this blog post.

This is my “work” Firefox, running on my work machine – so no extra oddities like ad-blocking or NextDNS or tracking protection etc. It’s just the default install with a couple of work related extensions.

Oh well..

Today morning I was listening to the Vergecast Bluetooth Spec-tacular episode where Nilay brought up an old phrase associated with Microsoft: “embrace, extend, extinguish”. This reminded me of that. As do other things nowadays actually, where everything seems to be Microsoft nowadays. They hook you on with stuff, then upsell you on the E5 licenses for additional benefits, and soon you ditch everything else and use Microsoft products only so you can save costs elsewhere and justify the E5 price. Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. 🙂