Gold (Malayalam Movie)

I saw “Gold” yesterday, on Prime Video. I loved it, although the reviews are mixed and apparently it was a box office bomb? That’s a pity, it was quite fun – especially the background music and the way it was taken. Sure the story isn’t realistic if you think too much about it, but movies are about escapism and having fun and this one was great. From the moment I started watching I was hooked.

The reviews complained about the mutliple cameos (I loved that) plus the weak story line etc. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

If you are in the mood for a fun quirky movie, check out “Gold”. Thanks to subtitles you don’t even have to know Malayalam to watch it. Alphonse Puthren is like Quentin Tarantino as far as I am concerned. Well worth the 7 year wait.

Of this three movies “Neram” (Time), “Premam” (Love), and “Gold” the one I liked least was “Premam” as it was more romantic as one would imagine. “Gold” is the successor to “Neram” and if you liked the latter you’d love the former I think.

I have no idea why Nayanthara was in the movie though. She didn’t have much of a role. Must have cost a bit hiring her; or maybe not, coz she didn’t have much screentime and was more like an extended cameo.

ps. Shout out to Lalu Alex. He’s amazing. Was listening to the music and noticed the poster where his face is prominent. All scenes with him are comedy gold!