Audiobook Recommendation – July 2021

If anyone’s looking for a funny audiobook to listen to check out Ayoade of Top by Richard Ayoade (“Moss” from “The IT Crowd”, though I am sure he’s famous for more things but that’s where I know him from). The audiobook’s read by him and is hilarious! I don’t think I have walked and laughed so much (and had to stifle myself lest people wonder what’s happening) since the days I used to walk in the park and listen to “My Dad Wrote a Porno” (podcast).

In a nutshell the audiobook (or book, if you get that) is abut Richard Ayoade analyzing a movie “View from the Top”. I haven’t seen the movie but you don’t need to, it’s less about the movie and more about how Ayoade presents it. He goes into a wide range of topics tangential to the movie, and is a blast! I am glad I listened to the audiobook as I think just listening to him read it was a treat in itself which I’d have missed if I read the book. (I have however put in an order for the book just so I have it).

Thanks to Ant Pruitt from the TWiT network for recommending this book on last week’s episode of This Week in Google (a quite funny show in itself about everything Google and not (usually not)).

Now I am listening to Richard Ayoade’s previous work The Grip of Film. (Update: didn’t like this one much, left it after the first movie review).