Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – complete!

1006 pages. I don’t know if this is the longest book I have ever read (not counting audio books) – it could be “Shantaram” or this one. Either ways, I did it! :) Read mostly on my Kindle, over the past month or two, phew!

What an amazing book! The ending was a bit of a letdown – I didn’t get a proper resolution as I hoped for – but the journey was well worth it! Susanna Clarke has such fine mastery on the language and story telling. Truly a marvelous mind if it can imagine something like this and put it down in words.

Update: Saw the TV show after completing the book. Was good. Changed the book in some parts where it made sense. Disappointed by the ending (which was similar to the book) and also in that it seemed to downplay Jonathan Strange a bit. Oh well …