Podcast Episode Recommendations – Feb 2021

Listened to some interesting podcast episodes this week.

  • Heavy Networking 560: Moving Big Data Sets From Far-Off Locations – I wasn’t sure I’d be interested in this but I have had to deal with moving large datasets (nothing like what they mentioned in this episode though) and so was curious what it was about. Turned out to be a good episode, and Michael Shepherd (the CTO they are interviewing) is so full of energy. He never mentioned what SD-WAN product they are using even though he was full of praise for it. It reminded me of SilverPeak though and when I Googled I found that it is indeed SilverPeak. We never had the seamless updates with our SilverPeak setup though (this was from a year or more ago and I don’t work at that firm anymore so things could be vastly improved now).
  • Day Two Cloud 084: So You Want To Be A Consultant – A very interesting discussion between the hosts (who were/ are consultants themselves) and two guests who are consultants. Good stuff! The idea of being a consultant and working across multiple clients does excite me, but a few things put me off too (like the fact that I may not have stability of sticking with one environment, loads of travel, inability to complete the work as often someone else would be doing that) and the episode touched upon all of that. Plus being a consultant means you have to constantly be that hamster on the spinning wheel learning new stuff and being certified and one step ahead of the client… part of me feels that takes the fun out of why I am in computers (coz I enjoy doing it). Before this episode I was entertaining the idea that at some point in my life I might become a consultant; now I am less inclined. :)
  • Day Two Cloud 083: Should Cloud Be A Public Utility? – Less interesting compared to the other two episodes (because that’s how the topic is), but a good idea and discussion nevertheless. Should there be a version of the Cloud that is offered as a Public Utility? Is the Internet a basic human right? If such questions interest you check this out.