Exchange 2010 license key via EMS

Since I am in a command-line-o mode nowadays I am trying to do more things using PowerShell. Recently I installed a server and wanted to enter the license key. Usually I’d go to the EMC and do that but this time I tried to find a cmdlet that would let me do the same.

The Set-ExchangeServer cmdlet is your friend for this:

This cmdlet can also be used for settings things such as Error Reporting and joining the Customer Experience Improvement Program. The cmdlet also has a counterpart called Get-ExchangeServer that can be used to see various Exchange server settings.

It’s better to format the output as a list. That will give you more info. Or you can pipe it to the Get-Member cmdlet to see what properties are available and then just select those. For instance:

This cmdlet also accepts the -Identity switch to query a specified Exchange server; or a -Domain switch to query all Exchange servers in a particular domain. If neither of these are specified the cmdlet queries all Exchange servers in the organization.

In contrast the Set-ExchangeServer only works on one server at a time so if you need to target multiple servers you must put the command within a script.