Exchange 2010 Prerequisites using ServerManagerCmd

This one’s more a note to myself (since I find myself referring to my blog posts now and then when I forget stuff (which is mostly!)). A quick way to install Exchange 2010 prerequisites (apart from using Powershell as mentioned in my previous post) is to use the ServerManageCmd answer files that come along with Exchange 2010.

These answer files can be found in the scripts folder on the installation media:

  • Exchange-All.xml
  • Exchange-Base.xml
  • Exchange-CADB.xml
  • Exchange-CAS.xml
  • Exchange-ECA.xml
  • Exchange-Edge.xml
  • Exchange-Hub.xml
  • Exchange-MBX.xml
  • Exchange-Typical.xml
  • Exchange-UM.xml

From the names it’s obvious what they do. Here’s what the Exchange-CAS.xml file lists:

As you can see all the prerequisites for the CAS role are listed there. But installing them through this method is easy and you don’t have to remember what the prerequisites are.

To actually install the prerequisites feed this XML file to the ServerManagerCmd command: