Start PowerShell from the command prompt

I don’t know where I picked this habit from, but whenever I am on Server Core and I need to launch PowerShell I always fire up task manager > start a new task > and type in powershell. If I am too lazy I just type in powershell in the existing command prompt, but I refrain from doing that as it doesn’t start a new window – it just uses the existing command prompt window to launch PowerShell within that (without its blue background color or the window getting re-sized to the bigger size) and I hate that. Both of these are long or ugly ways of launch PowerShell.

But today I remembered the start command. And so now I just type start powershell in the command prompt and that launches PowerShell as a separate window the way it usually is. Funny how you tend to not think of using the commands you are familiar with into new situations!

Yes I know there are ways to make PowerShell the default shell in Server Core, but I don’t want to do all that. I prefer having both, with me launching PowerShell whenever I want it.