Touch ID keyboard for Mac mini

Long time no posts, just been busy with work.

I came across this post by Jason Snell the other day. I think I was Googling for it – some way of having Touch ID with my Mac mini. I don’t want to use the Magic Keyboard (expensive, I don’t use my existing Magic Keyboard without Touch ID in the first place) but wanted to see if there was some way of getting Touch ID on the Mac mini nevertheless. Typically I unlock with my Apple Watch but that’s often unreliable.

Anyhow, that gave me the idea of just taping one to the bottom of my table. I still didn’t want to buy one, but now I could get a used one too coz all I cared about was the Touch ID. It was a different way of looking at the issue. Thankfully on eBay I was able to pick an “Opened by not used” Ukranian Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad for 40 quid – not bad! Got it today, ordered some velcro from Amazon yesterday evening, and now I have the Keyboard taped to the bottom of my desk. 🥳

I spent some time watching the YouTube video where Myke takes it apart to extract the Touch ID button. As well as this video by Snazzy Labs. In the end I was too chicken to take it apart. Not only would I have to buy the tools from iFixit (or use a blade etc. like in some other videos), I’d also have to print a case and make sure I don’t hurt myself (a very likely event; heck, while cutting the velcro to tape the keyboard I cut my finger with the scissors… if you can believe that!). If you are not into videos here’s instructions from the person who inspired Myke and Snazzy Labs.

Anyways, I now have Touch ID with my Mac mini and that’s all I need!

Update: To disable the keyboard from accidental touches I installed Karabiner Elements and: