Bitwarden and “Browser integration is not enabled”

Bitwarden browser integration works fine on all my machines, except one. On this (macOS) when I ask the browser extension (Firefox) to use biometrics it keeps complaining that Browser integration is not enabled. I’ve reinstalled the Bitwarden, the extension, Firefox, rebooted… all the usual stuff, but nothing’s helped. Finally I gave up and moved on… until today.

I was in a particularly adamant mood so persistend in trying to find a solution. And thanks to this GitHub thread I finally cracked it.

Looks like the following file is needed for browser integration: ~/Library/Application Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts/com.8bit.bitwarden.json. In my case neither file nor folder (NativeMessagingHosts) was present. I created the folder manually and tried re-installing the extension (and went through the process of granting it access to other programs etc.) but again it didn’t help.

Finally I copied this file from a working machine and that helped. šŸ˜„ Cheating, I know!

Here’s the file contents in case it helps anyone else:

Of course this is macOS specific. Why would you use any other OS anways. šŸ˜› Save this as ~/Library/Application Support/Mozilla/NativeMessagingHosts/com.8bit.bitwarden.json