Move multiple Safari macOS tabs to a new window

One of the neat things with browsers such as Firefox is that you can select multiple tabs in a window, right click, and move them to a new window. Very useful if you have a lot of tabs and want to split some out. In Safari on macOS however, you can’t do that. You can right click a single tab and move it to a new window, or you can drag a tab each to a new or existing window, but there’s no way to select multiple tabs and move them out. I usually drag tabs one by one, but that’s a hassle as I have to put the new window side by side or next to the existing window and then drag and drop. I don’t like moving my windows around much coz I like the position at which I have organised them. 

Today I discovered a workaround by accident. Either left click a tab and move it all the way to the left, or right click a tab and pin tab. Unlike other browsers, when you pin a tab in Safari it is pinned on all windows (which can sometimes be useful but is usually irritating and confusing – to me at least). This feature is useful in my current scenario however, because now I can open a new window or go to whichever window I wanted to move these tabs into, right click the pinned tab there and unpin it. Yes I have to do it one by one, but at least I don’t have to drag tabs around or move windows. When I unpin the tab on the destination window, it automatically disappears from all other windows. Nice!