Donate to Firefox

I could have sworn I looked around for a way to donate to Firefox some months ago and didn’t find anything. But today after updating to the just released version 111 I noticed the “Make a donation” link. Noice! Must have missed this in the past.

I went ahead and setup a monthly donation for £5. Firefox is my browser of choice, something I install on all my machines both work and personal. Been using Firefox from back when it was called Phoenix (and then Firebird), and even used other Gecko variants like Flock (which was a nice browser, I loved that). I switched to Chrome for a few months when it was the new shiny thing and Firefox became a memory hog, but switched back to Firefox Quantum when it was in beta or nightly and never left it. Glad I am able to support it now.

Check out this podcast episode too where Nilay Patel interviews Mozilla chair Mitchell Baker on his Decoder podcast. It’s a good one.

Update: One thing I do differently now compared to my ignorant days is to cut down on the number of extensions I use. Not just in Firefox, but any browser or tool (even in things like VS Code, for instance). The temptation to go crazy with extensions is great, but they are usually the cause of memory leaks and other craziness.