The Crazy Old Bishop

That’s what my daughter called my bishop today in a game of chess with her and the bishop single-handedly killed pretty much all her pieces and checkmated her king in the end with my king. Funny! She’s 9 years old and I won the game, but it was fun coz of the father daughter bonding and also I think I am playing chess after some 15-20 years (or at least completing a game – I haven’t had the patience to do that since I left school!).

Hadn’t realized my bishop was on a killing spree until I lost my queen to teach her something and she mentioned my crazy old bishop was still around killing people! That’s when I noticed that she was right, this bishop was on a roll and killing most of the opponents even with me losing many of my “more important” pieces. Here’s the crazy old bishop – never underestimate it! :)