Get events (V4) vs Get calendar view of events (V3)

In a previous post I briefly alluded to the Get calendar view of events (V3) connector. Wasn’t sure how this one was better over the Get events (V4) connector. Today I learnt how!

These correspond to Graph calls List calendar view and List events. What I learnt today is that if I filter for events in a particular time range, the calendar view connector gives me single instances of recurring events too, whereas list events does not. So if these matter to you, use the calendar view connector.

In fact, now I wonder why not just use the calendar view connector always. Am sure there’s some reason for the two connectors, will update this post when I find one.

Another plus point for the calendar view connector. Searching!

I was trying to search for Zoom events in my calendar and the usual queries like contains(body/content,"") or contains(location/displayName,"") or even startsWith(location/displayName,"") gave errors. But lookey lookey, I can do that easily with the calendar view: