Using WMIC to find machine info

I needed to find the model number of my Compaq Presario laptop today. The machine’s right next to me so it’s just a matter of lifting it up to look at the model number, but what’s the fun in that aye? Enter WMIC (via PowerShell).

The following WMI classes are useful in finding details of your hardware:

Win32_ComputerSystemProduct For manufacturer, serial number, UUID, etc. Does not contain the model number.
Win32_ComputerSystem For manufacturer, model, physical memory, and details such as the owner name, whether it’s part of a domain, etc.
Win32_OperatingSystem For OS specific information such as language, architecture, OS, registered user, etc.
Win32_Bios For BIOS info such as the name, version, etc.

In my case WMI didn’t have the exact model number. But thankfully HP has a way of giving you the model number from serial number, and since I had the serial number via WMI I was able to get the model number without lifting a finger.