Doctor Foster – 10 hours I am never getting back!

Someone recommended “Doctor Foster” to my wife and we binge watched both seasons over the weekend. At 10 episdoes in total, an hour per episode, that’s 10 hours I am never getting back.

I don’t want to waste any more time writing about it either, but I’ll say this for anyone else Googling about the show before watching it – it is emotionally exhausting and frustrating. Not the content of the show, but just the show itself.

Husband cheats on wife, wife discovers it; spends first few episodes wondering whether to confront him or not and dealing with the grief of it; everyone else around her seems to know about this and she’s got a useless bunch of friends for sure; finally confronts, husband denies; more drama, and eventually in the last episode it all comes out and there’s a bit of violence and finally he leaves town with the new girl. That was season 1. In season 2 he comes back (don’t ask why, pointless!) and there’s more drama between the two. By the second episode I stopped caring but watched anyways coz I wanted to finish it off.

The crazy thing is the first episodes of both seasons setup the ending as if something crazy was going to happen – like the wife was going to go on a revenge path or just kill everyone etc. But nothing like that happened and it was just a let down. Should have realized then this was a waste of time. Oh well.