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Hah, you probably don’t need this blog post to say so… awesome Malayalam movie, check it out. It’s a dark comedy and I never expected Vineeth Sreenivasan to pull off a negative character like that, or for that matter a negative character to be so unabashedly the hero of movie. Wow. For non-Malyalam speakers, thanks to subtitles you too can watch it. And as the director recommended, try and watch it in the original Malayalam language with English subtitles.

I love how Malayalam movies have been shaping out these last few years. So fresh and unusual, it’s like the olden days when Malayalam movies were great and I was proud of them.

I didn’t post about this movie specially, but I remembered it yesterday when listening to its music – “Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey”. Another great movie, similar to “The Great Indian Kitchen” but different. Certain scenes grate at you and make you so angry, but then the movie has its twists and turns and you love it. Again, actor/ director Basil plays this negative character and I can’t help applaud how that’s just so normal nowadays. Once upon a time you’d only have someone who typically plays the “villain” play such negative characters, but nowadays it’s normal. Similarly, Mamootty did a negative character with his “Rorschach”. That was a weird movie, but again worth a watch because of his performance. (The movie was weird because sometime around the middle it felt like it lost steam and purpose, but I’d still recommend it).