See (Season 2): meh

I loved Season 1 of “See”. At that time most reviews and opinions seemed to be against it. I started watching coz it was written by Steven Knight (“Locke”, “Peaky Blinders”) and I enjoyed it and in fact watched it twice (once again, second time with family). So I was excited for this weekend when the Season 2 finale was released coz now we can binge watch the whole season. But it was such a disappointment, such a drag…

Interestingly now the reviews seem to like it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It’s not that I hate the show but I felt it was a drag compared to the first one. This one might be more “realistic” in terms of the politics and wars, but it could easily have been shortened to 5 or 6 episodes instead of 8.

I kept an eye on the credits and Steven Knight is o my present as the creator and various others are the writers and directors. Maybe that’s one reason why the show feels different.

Oh well, at least I am done with this for now! Phew. And somebody please just take that hidden knife away from the Queen!!