I was reading the Wikipedia page for Maid, a new TV Show on Netflix, and came across the following:

Margaret Qualley as Alex, a young mother who leaves her emotionally abusive boyfriend with their two/three-year-old daughter “Maddy” and gets a job working as a maid.

Huh, that’s crazy. So Alex left her daughter with the abusive boyfriend just so she could get a job as as maid? It makes sense on some level… abusive boyfriend and all… but still, why leave the daughter behind? That’s bad parenting. Was she so heartless? Was the allure of a maid job that high? Did she have to run away from her boyfriend because of his abuse, and so couldn’t sneak out Maddy in the process; but now that she’s got a job she’s going to try and break Maddy out? Hmm, so is this show more like a thriller? Not sure how the maid angle fits into it, but maybe being a maid has got her some friends who’ll help out her or they can disguise somehow and distract the abusive boyfriend maybe while Alex engineers and escape for Maddy? So many questions…

Too lazy to watch the series to get an answer I tried to get an idea of the story online. Tried to read a synposis of the book its based on, read a couple of articles by the author of the book this series is based on (e.g. this one) but was nowhere nearer to an answer.

Then it struck me: no, Alex did not leave her daughter with the abusive boyfriend. She left the abusive boyfriend, but took the daughter with her. The sentence should actually have been something like:

Margaret Qualley as Alex, a young mother who leaves her emotionally abusive boyfriend, with their two/three-year-old daugher “Maddy”, and get a job working as a maid.

I know I love going overboard on commas so maybe it’s just me… but the version I wrote makes more sense to me at least. It’s two extra commas but they make a world of difference.

I hope my version of the paragraph is the correct one. 🤞🏼 Would really suck if she had left Maddy behind. Unless it was a thriller where she then spent the rest of her time engineer an escape for Maddy. 😎