The Undoing – wow!

I loved “The Undoing”! A genius of a show. Perfect casting, a murder mystery-slash-affair story that has you emotionally hooked, some amazing cinematography (a lot of scenes, especially with Nicole Kidman, looked like they were taken out of a painting)… what’s not to like!

I think the genius of the show (apart from the writing and direction) is the casting of Hugh Grant. At it’s core the show is about knowing someone and whether you can really know someone, and who better for that than Hugh Grant. I grew up adoring that man in his various rom-com movies and to see him cast as the loving father and husband who is then accused of murder and admits to an affair, but who denies being a murdered… it’s a tough one whether you believe him or not especially when he turns on that charm! :) With any other actor I’d have been like “of course he is a murderer! shame on him for having an affair and then murdering to cover up”, but with Hugh Grant I was on the same footing as his wife Nicole Kidman and son in always giving him the benefit of the doubt. I loved that!

Watch that show, it’s amazing! All 6 episodes directed by Susanne Bier who also directed the awesome Hugh Laurie in “The Night Manager” (another highly recommended show). The writer, David Kelly, too is the same across all six episodes and that shows in the consistency. It’s always good when they keep the writers and directors the same across all episodes – you can always tell the difference.